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Hello, Morgan!

I want to go ahead and thank you for going through what we like to call the “gut check”. You will be looking through lots of images. Some are of logos, some are patterns and others are just random illustrations. You will see things you love, some things you hate and others that are just meh. This activity will help guide our visual direction so we nail the look & feel that represents Mozé best!

Please review each image from the pdf we provided and rank each image in the form below. If you rank something a “5”, that means you love it! It would be helpful for you to comment on why you loved those 5s. Your reasoning could be “everything” or it could just be the color, or type, or illustration. Any feedback for those would be very helpful. I would also like for you to do the same those you rank a “1”… which means you hate it! Just let us know why you hate it.

Thank you so much, Morgan! We appreciate you and are very excited to work with you.

You hate it!.................You love it!